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Dan’s group singing workshops

Singing should be for everybody, regardless of ability or experience. That’s what these day-long group singing workshops are all about. They’re standalone, one-off sessions for anybody over the age of 18, regardless of prior singing experience.

These in-person workshops start with introductions and a brief ice-breaker activity before participants get stuck into learning a few songs, in harmony, based on a specific theme. It’s a great way to spend a few hours. It’s also an amazing opportunity to socialise and mix with other like-minded people.

Dan runs three of these events annually.

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Dan Cooper Music

One-off sessions

Maybe you run your own choir and are looking to inspire your singers? Maybe you want to arrange a wellbeing session for your work colleagues? Whatever you’re looking for, Dan can deliver.

These standalone sessions are great for inspiring, entertaining and getting the most out of participants. The sessions can be tailored to suit your requirements but generally consist of ice-breaker activities, vocal warm-ups and then song learning. Not only are these sessions great for boosting morale and having fun; they can take place in-person or online, no matter where you are in the world.

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Marion Van Namen

Pop PDX Collaboration

Collaboration is really important to Dan. In 2020, Dan started working with Marion Van Namen from Portland, Oregon, USA after he reached out to offer support during the coronavirus pandemic.

Their friendship and working relationship has flourished and Dan led weekly pop singing classes for her organisation, ‘Sing y’All’, throughout the pandemic.

Xann Schwinn


In early 2022, Dan joined forces with Xann Schwinn (co-founder and CEO of Biiah) as a vocal coach. Biiah is a platform designed to help people establish a daily singing routine to improve their health, through virtual and in-person workshops as well as a companion app.

Dan’s Group Singing Workshops

These take place in-person

Dan runs three themed workshops annually. These in-person events take place in Southampton, UK. They are open to anybody over the age of 18. You can book a space by clicking below.

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Bespoke Enquiries

These can take place in-person or online

If you’d like Dan to run an event for you, get in touch directly to discuss bespoke options. Dan is keen to tailor his delivery to suit the needs of any potential client.

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