“He was extremely upbeat and motivated and also determined”

Heidi Shephard: Choir Co-ordinator Take That Greatest Hits Tour

I had the pleasure of working with Dan on Take That’s Odyssey Greatest Hits Tour at St Mary’s Stadium (Southampton) in 2019.

From the get-go Dan was 100% onboard with the idea of rehearsing Love Soul Choir to not only sing the choir parts but also teach them a choreographed routine. He was extremely upbeat and motivated and also determined to showcase his choir’s talents. It was evident when I first met Dan, that he’d rehearsed his choir hard to finesse the singing and choreography required for the two Take That songs being performed. The choir put on an extremely slick and uplifting performance. I was sad that Take That were not performing more tour dates in Southampton as it would have been lovely to have had the opportunity to work with Dan and his choir on more shows.

My lasting memory is that Dan was an absolute joy to work with, not only because he was super organised with a great work ethic but also because he was good fun and made my job as choir co-ordinator both easy and enjoyable.

“Not only is he technically brilliant, but artists enjoy being around him as he’s warm & personable”

Sarah Gallagher: Music Manager Modest! Management

Dan is a fantastic vocal coach who I’d trust implicitly with my clients. Not only is he technically brilliant, but artists enjoy being around him as he’s warm & personable. Vocal coaching should not be arduous, it should be a fundamental part of any singers routine, and Dan has helped instil that in artists I manage. I’d have no hesitation in recommending him.

“I worked with Dan on BBC’s ‘Little Mix The Search’”

Samuel Lumley: Assistant Producer Little Mix The Search

I first met Dan whilst I was on a regional tour in Southampton and he was amazing at helping us in the early stages of scouting for singers.

Dan then came on board the team of vocal coaches for the producer auditions in London & Manchester where, teamed up with a producer, he helped run an audition room – auditioning up to 100 singers a day. He’s incredibly approachable, full of joy, and works wonders with some harmonies. I can’t wait to work with him again in the future!

“Open minded, happy to try new things and is incredibly reliable”

Xann Schwinn: Co-Founder & CEO The Choral Hub / Tchzant

Dan is one of the coaches on our virtual ‘Come Sing!’ series and has been an absolute star since day 1.

He’s very open minded, happy to try new things, adapt as needed and is incredibly reliable on the admin side of things. As far as vocal coaches go, he’s incredibly personable, getting our shy participants singing with ease… and 9 times out of 10 has everyone out of their chairs dancing along to any song we’re learning with great gusto!

He’s very easy and a joy to work with.

“Dan is undoubtedly an exceptional MD”

Mel Field: Choir Leader

I want to say what an absolute pleasure it was to work with Dan and ‘Love Soul Choir’ for the first time in August 2021. Organising an event at the Tower of London with 16 choirs over 2 days was a challenge but having an MD like Dan to work with made it so much easier.

Dan is undoubtedly an exceptional MD and his choir clearly admire and trust him. The sound that Love Soul Choir produced on the day and the complete confidence with which they perform, knowing how well rehearsed they are, is testament to the hard work Dan clearly puts in.

I very much hope that we can work together again – Love Soul Choir and Dan Cooper are outstanding!!

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